Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

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On December 9, 2015 Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (“MCHC”) announced its decision to integrate three consolidated subsidiaries: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (“MC”), Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc., and Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (“MRC”) in an absorption-type merger with MRC as surviving corporation effective April 1, 2017 (“Merger”). Please see, e.g., p. 21 of the December 9, 2015 presentation.

On March 31 (in English) (or April 1 in Japanese) MCHC announced the completion of the Merger effective April 1, 2017.

The mandatorily published financial statements (kessan koukoku) of MC dated as of March 31, 2017 appear to indicate substantial borrowing by MC from non-affiliates as of such date.

Accordingly this appears to qualify as a Universal Successor under Section 2.2(a)(vii) of the 2014 Definitions.

Separately, the DC may also wish to consider whether the mandatorily published financial statements of MC dated March 31, 2016 constitute new information and whether such new information could form the basis for reconsideration of the dismissal of Issue 2016041801.

12/9/2015 Presentation
3/31/2017 announcement of completion of merger
3/31/2017 Financial Statements
3/31/2016 Financial Statements

Pending DC Consent