Credit Event

Hellas Telecom (Luxembourg) II

On November 18, 2009 the Credit Derivatives Determination Committee for EMEA resolved that a Bankruptcy Credit Event has occurred with respect to Hellas Telecommunications (Luxembourg) II (“Hellas”) and the date of the Credit Event is November 17, 2009. The EMEA Determination Committee has also resolved that one or more auctions may be held to settle relevant transactions with respect to this Bankruptcy Credit Event. This page will contain details of the DC Resolutions, auction documentation and other items relating to the auctions for Hellas.

Further documentation relating to the auction will be added as it becomes available.

Auction Timeline: http://www.cdsdeterminationscommittees.org/companies/ISDACreditAuctionTimeline.pdf
Deliverable Obligations: Final List
List of Participating Bidders: List of Participating Bidders 
Auction Settlement Terms: Hellas II Bankruptcy Credit Event Auction Settlement TermsPlease note that the following corrections have been made to the “Deliverable Obligation Terms” of the Hellas II Bankruptcy Credit Event Auction Settlement Terms on 15 December 2009:

“Not Domestic Law” and “Not Domestic Issuance” have been removed; and
“Maximum Maturity: 30 years” has been added.

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