St George Bank Limited

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Below is a summary of the detail found in publicly available sources:1.Effective 1st Dec 2008 - WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION acquired St.George Bank Limited by way of merger via a Scheme of Arrangement. 2.Effective 1st March 2010 - WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION and St.George Bank Limited completed the single authorized deposit-taking process. As a result, St.George Bank Limited de-registered, effectively dissolving & becoming an inactive entity as of 1st March 2010. 3.Following de-registration, "By moving to a single ADI: Westpac will become the successor in law of St.George Bank Limited; All the assets and liabilities of St.George Bank Limited (including in respect of its deposits and contracts) will become the assets and liabilities of Westpac. This also includes all debt securities previously issued by St.George Bank Limited; and Separate regulatory and prudential reporting by St.George Bank Limited will cease and be amalgamated in Westpac’s reports. This includes regular banking statistics and points of presence information. The Westpac Group will continue to report the performance of the St.George business as part of its regular periodic reporting." 4.Supporting links Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5Link 6Link 7(previously_of_st.george)

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