Six Flags, Inc.

Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.

On June 15, 2009 Markit Group Limited announced that the Markit LCDX dealers voted to conduct a Credit Event Auction for Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.  Market Participants are reminded that in order to ensure that a transaction is brought within the Auction Terms, parties must have delivered a credit event notice and notice of publicly available information (or entered into a settlement agreement deeming these notices to be delivered) effective on or prior to the auction date.

Further documentation relating to the auction will be added as it becomes available.


Auction Timeline: ISDA NA LCDS Auction Timeline
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Blackline Auction Terms: Blackline against Visteon LCDS Auction Settlement Terms
Customer Physical Settlement Request Letter: Customer Physical Settlement Request Letter
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USA: Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. USASix Flags Theme Parks, Inc. USA FAQ’sSignature Page
Deadline to submit USA: Friday, June 19 at 4pm NY time.  Refer to USA FAQ’s above for further details.
USA Blackline: Blackline Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. USA against General Motors USA