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GTL Infrastructure Limited

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A request is made for the Committee to determine if a Restructuring Credit Event has occurred in relation to GTL Infrastructure Limited on or about Nov 8, 2012 upon (i) the issuance of, by way of a cashless exchange, USD 111,740,000 Zero Coupon Compulsorily Convertible Bonds due 2017 (“Series A Bonds”) and USD 207,546,000 (“Series B Bonds”, together with the Series A Bonds, the “New Bonds”), and (ii) the cancellation of GTL’s U.S.$300,000,000 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds due Nov 29, 2012.

Offering Circular dated Nov 24, 2007
Notice of Meeting dated Oct 17, 2012
Notice to NSE dated Nov 8, 2012
Notice to BSE dated Nov 8, 2012
Notice to SGX dated Nov 8, 2012
Offering Circular dated Nov 8, 2012

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